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#1 2024-04-23 16:57:40

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Hello, I have a proxmark3 rdv4.0 I tried a brute force on a 4x50 transponder the time calculated 13h I left it running all night in the early morning the pm3 was blocked. Since then I have not been able to read an LF transponder without this message, would it have overheated?
Do you think a jtag could solve this problem?
Thank you have a good rest of the day.

[usb] pm3 --> lf search

[=] Note: False Positives ARE possible
[=] Checking for known tags...
./pm3: line 249: 1152 Segmentation fault $CLIENT "$@"

However, I have a correct voltage on the LF & HF antenna
[=] -------- LF Antenna ----------
[+] 125.00 kHz ........... 66.89 V
[+] 134.83 kHz ........... 36.17 V
[+] 126.32 kHz optimal.... 69.27 V

[=] -------- HF Antenna ----------
[+] 13.56 MHz............. 36.07 V
[+] Approx. Q factor measurement
[+] Peak voltage.......... 6.3
[+] HF antenna (ok)

I put an identical Lf antenna alone, whereas with an HF transponder no problem.


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