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#1 2023-12-05 20:21:37

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Broke the RDV4 USB connector. PCB design or help?

I got the RDV4 a few years back, and I broke the Microusb connector, and later got it fixed in a non-professional way. And then it broke again, taking a few millimeters of the wire/line(s) from the board with it, and the soldering was from perfect. Now I cannot really see where the pins should be connected. Is the PCB design of RDV4 available somewhere? Or can someone show me where the D+ and D- should be connected? (I got the GND and VCC already)

Currently I have some hot glue and large cables over the area to be able to power it, so the best picture I've found is … /step1.jpg
If someone can mark where D+ and D- should be it would hopefully let me communicate with it (normally) again smile


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